Tractor Stuff

Video - Grub V8 1st pull 8/19/2012
Video - Grub V8 2nd pull 8/19/2012

Grub's Tractors (Gordon Veale)
Oliver 88 with a V8 engine and an Oliver 77
Close-up of the V8

Unloading the V8... ...weighing it in...

...hooking up the transfer sled... ...and then the V8 rips down the track.

Grub pulling the Oliver 77 Andy Kobe pulling the Oliver 77

Mike Follen way back at the starting line
getting ready to pull his John Deere model B.
Chase the beer can make it!!!
...looking good so far...

...better luck next time Follen. Follen was sporting this sweet looking
handle-bar mustache at the tractor pull
Click here to see a close-up of Follen's stash